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In this semester I had met my new classmates. Some of them I do not know but there are certain friends that I am familiar too. Now, I had new classmates and I enjoy in knowing them. Here, I want to tell about my BEL 311 classmates.

In class he was a happy-go-lucky person. He always teases all his friends even though we had become a friend in this semester. Before this, he was studied at Uitm Kedah and had been transfer here. At the first time we met, his face was familiar for me. Maybe I had looked him at television when he comes to audition or something else. He never shies when meeting his new friends here. It was good actually because if we shy, we will not have any friends here.

I also never talk to him in class because before this we never met same like Syahrul Nizam. So, I don’t know how to describe him. I hope he will be success in his life and his future.

All his friends called him Sood. I don’t know why they call that name. Maybe it was a name that their senior gave to him. He was a happy-go-lucky person whether outside or inside of class. He always makes a joke in class and it makes our class become cheerful. If he did not come to class, our class will become quiet. Even though he always sits at back of class, I know he will pay attention if the subject was his favorite subject.

He was our class reps. He was very dedicating in making a work. In class he was closer with Shahida. They always go to class together even though their college was far. If Shahida did not come to class, he also will not come to class. He also was a member in my group speaking include Shahida and Fara.

He and Azhar was a best friend. They always come to class together because maybe they were in same college. Moreover, if Azhar did not come to class, Nasri will become a bit quiet because he don’t have friend to talk too. They always sit together at the back of class.

Before this we had never met. This was the first time we met. We never talk to each other in class. But, in class I look he very quiet maybe he did not have any friends in this class.

Ain was a funny girl. She always teases me and makes a joke. I like to be friend with her because she can make me laugh every time. Furthermore, she is a chatty person in class since last semester. We had in same class since Part 2 in Microeconomic subject. She always goes to class with Ernie because their college was near in each other.

She was Radiyah twin. Both of them have different character. Salwa is more talkative person than the Radiyah. Furthermore, Salwa is more active in class. But I like both character because their more Islamic.

In class we call her Kaka. I’m not very close with her in class and I also do not talk too much with her. But, since I know her in Part 1, she is a friendly person in class and outside of class. She always helps her friends when they had a problem. In class, I look she didn’t talk too much but if outside of class I do not know. She’s very hardworking and kind person too.

She’s very small and sweet in class. She is a talkative student in class. This semester we are in same class so I’m happy to knowing her. She’s very kind and hardworking. I hope we can be good friend in class and outside of class.

I also do not very close with her in class so I do not know how to tell about her. We are in same class in this semester and before this I do not recognize her. Moreover, I never talk with her since we are in same class. Outside she look fierce but I know in reality she was kind and humble person.

NORSHEILA ( It’s me )

We called her Ima and I had been in same class with her since Part 2. She’s very kind and I had become her group presentation in last semester. She is a cheerful girl and I like to be friend with her. I hope we will be a good friend forever.

In this class, she has a twin, Salwa. Both of them have different characteristics. Radiyah is softer spoken than her twin. First in class was so difficult to determine whether she is Radiyah or Salwa. But, after know for a long time there are no confused again.

Azierah was a best friend of Ziera. They always together in what they do like presentation and assignment. I’m not talk too much with her in class because I’m not very close with her. So, I don’t know how to describe her actually. Then, everyday she will go to class with Ziera and other friends. If Ziera did not come to class, she also will not come to class. But, I look she’s very focuses in class.

Ernie was a best friend of Ain in class and outside of class. She was a humble person. She’s not talk too much in class since I know her in last semester. I look she’s a bit like me such as uncommunicative person in class but will be a chatty person if around her best friend.

We called her Sue in class. I’m not closer with her in class so I don’t know how to tell about her. I look she’s very focuses in class and I hope she will be success in what ever she do in her life.

I know her since Part 2 when she’s in same class with me for BEL 260 subject. She’s very happy-go-lucky person in class. Even though we not talk too much, but I know she must be a funny girl. I look she’s very talkative when around her closest friends. I hope this semester we will talk much and be a good friend.

We had in same class since Part 1. Before this she had become a class rap. She’s very diligent and I comfortable in making friend with her. In class, she closest with Sal and always sit besides Sal in every subject. They always make something together like in assignment or presentation.

We called her Ziera in class. I had become her classmates since Part 2. She’s a hardworking student and always sits with her best friends. Furthermore, if she around her best friends, she will become a talkative. Moreover, she always focuses on class and that’s why she got a Dean List for last semester.

In class we called her Sal. I had been same class with her since last semester. She also always sits in front of class and very hardworking. She’s very talkative in class and very friendly. I am happy to be friend with her even though we didn’t talk too much when in class or outside of class.

She is my closest friends in class and outside of class. We had been best friends since in Part 1. We are always together in where ever we go and do. Our room also near in each other. She’s very hardworking and talkative. We always share our problems and ideas together. She always helps me when I am in trouble and gives me an advice when I have a problem. Even though she always makes a silly joke at me, I’m still comfortable in making friend with her.

We all call her ‘APEX’. She is an active student in class. She likes to ask something that might be confused to her at lecturer. That’s why she got a Dean List every semester. Apex is a friendly person and very hardworking. Furthermore, she’s very like to play futsal and always come early in class. Moreover, she always sits in front of class for every subject.

She also my best friends in class and outside of class. We always go to class together and make all assignment together if the assignment is in group. Furthermore, she never failed in help me when I had a problem in certain topic. We always shared our idea together. I like to be friend with her because she likes my sis in here. Why I say this because she always take care of me and she will mad me if I didn’t eat. I hope we will be best friends forever and ever and I am lucky to have a friend like her.

She is a best friend of Apex in class. They are very close since last semester. Farahiyah or we call Fara is a happy-go-lucky person. She and Apex cannot be separate because they are closest friends. Fara also always sits in front of class for every subject.

Fara is also my best friends. She also like Shahida, very take cares of me and will be angry if I didn’t eat in afternoon and night. She will give me some lecture and ask me to eat because if I do not eat, I will get stomach ache. Moreover, she always helps me and paid for me some food or goods. I am comfortable in making friends with her. She’s very nice for me. I am lucky to got friend like her and I hope we will be friend until forever.

We called her Zati in class. She’s very cute and humble. She also Apex best friends and always sits in front of class. Furthermore, I look she’s a bit quiet in class but if she’s around her friends, she will talk much same like me.

We all called her Kent. I had become her classmate since Part 1. She’s very fluent when speaking in English. Furthermore, she likes to ask when there are any presentations in class.

Raja and Kent was a good friend. If Kent did not come to class, Raja also will not come to class. In making an assignments and group presentation, they always work together, maybe they was convenient in each other. Raja also was a talkative student in class.

Her closest friends called her Pek maybe because her face like Chinese looks. I am not close with her in class so I do not know how to describe her actually. In outside, I look her very talkative and friendly. She always with Kaka and I think maybe they are closest friends. I am happy to knowing her as my new friends and classmates.

We called him Muin in class. In class I look his a bit quiet but outside of class I do not know his character actually. He also sits at back of class with his friends. I had become his group speaking in last semester with Shahida and Khalid. That was the first time we talk too and collaborate.


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by : norsheila
There are several facts that anyone does not know about me even though my closest friends and my relatives. Even though they had known me for a long time, not all my true colors had been projected in front of them. So, here I would like to list down several facts about myself that not all knows about it.
    Actually I really scared at cat because I afraid that cat will scratch me when I touch it. In the past years, my late father had taken a couple of cat as his pet but at that time I was small, so I don’t scare. But after my father had passed away, I become scared at cat. I don’t know why it happens to me. Until now I really afraid to touch cat but at the same time I really want to take kitten as my pet one day.

    If you really know me, you will realize that I am a sensitive person. I am ease to cry if someone talk about something that is not true about my family. Furthermore, I will also cry if I watch some sad movie or watch someone that in difficulty. My heart is easy to touch in many ways.

    I really like kids a lot. I will become excited when I saw a kid that is very cute. When I at home, I will take care my brother and sister son. I really like to take care of them even though they always make trouble with me and others. My brother son is 1 years old and my sister son is 8 month. They also like me to take care of them. This is because they will find me first to play with them and I really enjoy when play with them even though it’s really tired actually.

    I am a person who really likes to eat. I eat a lot compared to other family members. If we go to restaurants, I am a person who will finish first. Although in physically I am a thin and small girl, but in reality I am very like to eat. But whether I eat a lot, my weight is still not increase. From that I will not worry if I eat much because I know I will not be a chubby person. So, I can eat what ever I want without anxious.

    Since small I don’t like to eat vegetables very much because its taste is bitter. Whether all my friends and family ask me to eat vegetables, I still don’t want to eat. However, I will eat if the dishes are look yummy and attractive. Furthermore, I will eat vegetables that I like only such as tomatoes and salad.

    I really don’t like milk actually even though I take this kind of water until I am in Primary 2. After that, my mother had asked me to stop drink. From that, I become very hate to drink milk until now. After I stop drink milk, my size become shrinking because before this I look chubby if I drink. But, I only drink if the milk is in chocolate flavor.

    I think all realize that I am uncommunicative person. I only talk with people who I know only. If not, I will only keep quiet and make my job. I am very slow to start communicate. I will talk much and make a silly joke with my closest friends only. I also will communicate if I have an idea and motive to talk. If in class, I am also uncommunicative and passive student. Only my closest friends know who I am actually.

    I am a person who is easy to accept others view. If I think that’s view is positive and give benefits, it is not wrong to accept it. Furthermore, not all my view is right, so I need another view as a back up in making a decision.

    I am a timid student from primary school until I went to university. I am very hard to comfortable with other person that I do not recognize. I have to take time so that I can be comfortable with anyone include my relatives. But, if I be familiar with someone I will not shy with him/her.

    Now I realize that I am a good listener actually. If my friends had a problem, I will be a good listener and listen him/her problems. I always be there if they had a problem because when I had a problem they always besides me and give an advices. So, this is the time to me to help them.

    I am a person who are don’t like to wait other people. If they had agreed to see at a certain time, so they must arrive at the time that had been agree.

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my life journey

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By : norsheila

On 10th October 1989, I was born to the world. I only can cry as loud as I can without know anything happen. My mother give a birth of me at Klang, Selangor and that is the place where I and my siblings grew up until now. I was a lucky girl because I have 2 brothers and 2 sisters that can play and accompany me when I was a child. Before I tell about myself, I would like to tell my name actually. My name is Norsheila Binti Mohd Annorwar and that is the name where my parents give to me.

When I was 6 years old, my parents sent me to Tabika Kemas Telok Menegon. Actually when I was small, I was a passive girl. I do not have many friends whether in school or nearest my home. I only play with my siblings in our house and I do not regret to not have many friends because I’m happy with my life until the end. I enjoy with my life when I was a kid no matter I have a friends or not because I will always thinking positive and the important things is my family is always besides and around me.

And then, I continue my study in Sekolah Kebangsaan Telok Menegon. This school is nearest to my house and I only walk to the school or by bicycle. Actually my parent was opened one stationery shop at Pasar Besar Meru, Klang. When I was 8 years old, I need to follow my mother to the shop everyday because all my siblings go to school in the morning. I have to wake up early morning then my father will sent us to the shop. Everyday I will do my routine in the shop like sweep the floor, rearrange the newspaper and wipe the ice-cream box. Almost everyday I will eat ice-cream, junk fruit, and even chocolate. I feel happy at that time because I can help my mother at shop even though girl at my age was stay at home and play their Barbie doll. And then in 10am, I will go upstairs and buy some roti canai for me and my mother. In the afternoon, my father will pick up me and sent me to the school by motorcycle. I feel sympathy at him because he need to sent me at school and then go back to work almost every day but what can I do to help him.

On last 1998, my father was diagnosed as heart cancer. Since he was sick, my mother looks at him and take care of him at Hospital Besar Kuala Lumpur. She has to commute everyday from home to hospital. She has to leave her children at home and from that time my brother and sister need to take care of me and my youngest brother. Even though my brother and sister was study at Uitm Shah Alam, they still take care of us because that is their responsible. I feel pity at my mother because she always looks tired almost everyday. Sometimes she needs to stay at hospital to take care of my father.

However, on 30th March 1999, my father was died at the age of 50. At that time I was 10 years old. I feel extremely sad because I still not get enough love from a person called father. I cried everyday like a crazy person. I also feel sympathy with my youngest brother because at that time he was 4 years old and still needs a father love. Start from that time I be more passive person whether in school or at home. I can’t accept that my father was died because for me sincerely he was the best father in the world and nobody can replace his place in my heart. Moreover, I feel jealous with my friends who has father. They get what they want but for me I can’t because I think of my mother. She needs to raise her 6 children alone until now. After my father died, my mother suggests closing the stationery shop because she wants to keep in eye of her children. She is strong women and all things that happen in house was handled by her. She was my mother and also my father until the end. No one can be strong like her in this world.

My mother raised us alone and she wants all her children become successful person. She wants us to be a useful person and told that study is important nowadays and she wants to see all her children study at universities and have at least a diploma. Now, I’m study at University Technology Mara, Segamat, Johor. I feel very happy because I can fulfill her dreams and I hope at the end I can be a useful person. I don’t want to burden her anymore but I want to take care of her until the end. We can’t ever pay her good deeds but this is the right time and our responsible to take care of her. We don’t want to see her tired anymore because we want her to rest and let us to take care of our self. We only want her happy ever after and proud to have a children like us.
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