Friday, February 5, 2010


everybody especially woman really like their wedding are in memorable. sometimes they will create some theme for their wedding like wedding in garden, traditional wedding and so on. for me also i want my wedding to become most memorable forever..because it will be the first and last moment that i will get.

woman are very detailed about their wedding especially for their dress, cakes, souvenir, canopy, ring, bridesmaid and food. believe or not woman are very nervous and busy to handle their wedding compared to man. sometimes they more care about those thing than herself. this is because woman are really want that their ceremony will go smooth and no problems will held.

modern dress

traditional dress

wedding ring

wedding cake


furthermore, woman are very excellent in choose their wedding dress. they will choose dress or gowns that are very outstanding because they want to be a very beautiful bride at their wedding. moreover, the one that will make the dress and the bride become more outstanding is the wedding flowers bouquet. even though its small but when the design and the color are very wow! so it will make the bride become more sweet and gorgeous.

flower bouquet

the first thing that will make the people want to come the ceremony is by the card wedding. this card will represent all. if the card are in simple way, so the ceremony will be simple. but if the card are very creative and make the person who receive the card want to keep the card by their own, so the ceremony will be booom!

wedding card

after that, the people who come to the ceremony will hope that they will get the souvenir from the bride and groom. so, souvenir are really important because this thing will be keep by people who comes. so if the souvenir are really beautiful and sweet so they will keep for long, if not maybe they will keep and then throw.


then, woman also very care about their wedding room.because it is the first place where woman and man start sleep together..if the room are very beautiful, it will bring a good and happy mood for them.. if not, they will not have a good mood. but for some woman all of this is not important because the most important thing is the ceremony are held in smooth.

wedding room

in malay tradition, if you want to married there are step to be followed first. but the thing that are very important to make all people who comes feel impressive is their 'hantaran'. hantaran is the thing that woman and man family exchange.sometimes the man will give to woman 9 kind of thing. then the woman side will reply by giving 13 kind of thing.

in malay tradition this is 'pelamin' where the bride and groom sit together


in the nutshell, all of this like dress, cakes, ring, hantaran, canopy are very important in wedding ceremony, if one left so the ceremony will not go. but in Islam the most important is 'akad nikah'. part of that are not important..

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