Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Some computer terms translated to BM, courtesy of someone from USM :
Don't you think that computer terminology in Bahasa Malaysia (or is that Bahasa Melayu or Bahasa Malaysia or Bahasa Melayu? sheesh...) is really weird?

Cakera Keras = Hard Disk - Sounds like an olympics event to me.

Tetikus = Mouse - Wonder what a big mouse would be called - Memondok?

Papan Kunci = Keyboard - sounds like that wooden case where the Pak Guard keeps the keys to the school classrooms. Yeah...one big papan with a whole lot of kunci.

CD-ROM = Cakera Padat Ingatan Melalui Pembacaan (CP-IMP) - Isn't that bit too much to ingat? Try pronouncing that without twisting your tongue or pausing to think. IMPs?

Monitor = What's the term for this? KETUA DARJAH?

Modem = Could it be called "PEMPEND" <-- PEModulasi, PENDemodulasi?

Motherboard = "Papan Ibu" probably? Maybe the best motherboards can be awarded the "Papan Ibu Mithali" then?

Sound Card = Kad Bunyi?

Sound Blaster = Peletup Bunyi?

Pipeline Burst Cache = Duite Garisan Paip Meletup?

Local Bus = Bas Tempatan? Sounds good to me.

VESA Local Bus = Bas Tempatan VESA?

Flatbed = Katil leper? OR Katil Rumah Pangsa (Flat)?

WWW = Sarang labah-labah Selebar Dunia (SSD)? Sounds quite convincing to me.

Then what would you call daughterboards? Papan anak perempuan? That sounds a little kinky for me… What about SIMMs and DIMMs and such...?

Hahaha… wonder what would you call ink jets then= Pancutan Dakwat???

What about "Plug and Play [tm]"? :) Hmmm..Plug and play....Cucuk dan Main??? Somehow I think not.

Joystick = Batang Gembira or Batang Ria?? Damn obscene man!!

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